19th meridian west

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Line across the Earth
19th meridian west

The meridian 19° west of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

The 19th meridian west forms a great circle with the 161st meridian east.

From Pole to Pole[edit]

Starting at the North Pole and heading south to the South Pole, the 19th meridian west passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
90°0′N 19°0′W / 90.000°N 19.000°W / 90.000; -19.000 (Arctic Ocean) Arctic Ocean
82°1′N 19°0′W / 82.017°N 19.000°W / 82.017; -19.000 (Greenland)  Greenland Mainland and several islands, including Prinsesse Thyra Island, Store Koldewey, and Shannon Island
74°28′N 19°0′W / 74.467°N 19.000°W / 74.467; -19.000 (Atlantic Ocean) Atlantic Ocean Greenland Sea
66°11′N 19°0′W / 66.183°N 19.000°W / 66.183; -19.000 (Iceland)  Iceland
63°25′N 19°0′W / 63.417°N 19.000°W / 63.417; -19.000 (Atlantic Ocean) Atlantic Ocean
60°0′S 19°0′W / 60.000°S 19.000°W / -60.000; -19.000 (Southern Ocean) Southern Ocean
72°38′S 19°0′W / 72.633°S 19.000°W / -72.633; -19.000 (Antarctica) Antarctica Queen Maud Land, claimed by  Norway

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