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Line across the Earth
5th parallel south
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The 5th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 5 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America.

Around the world[edit]

Starting at the Prime Meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 5° south passes through:

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
5°0′S 0°0′E / 5.000°S 0.000°E / -5.000; 0.000 (Prime Meridian) Atlantic Ocean
5°0′S 11°59′E / 5.000°S 11.983°E / -5.000; 11.983 (Republic of the Congo)  Republic of the Congo For about 7 km
5°0′S 12°2′E / 5.000°S 12.033°E / -5.000; 12.033 (Angola)  Angola Cabinda exclave
5°0′S 12°38′E / 5.000°S 12.633°E / -5.000; 12.633 (Democratic Republic of the Congo)  Democratic Republic of the Congo
5°0′S 29°7′E / 5.000°S 29.117°E / -5.000; 29.117 (Lake Tanganyika) Lake Tanganyika
5°0′S 29°46′E / 5.000°S 29.767°E / -5.000; 29.767 (Tanzania)  Tanzania
5°0′S 39°8′E / 5.000°S 39.133°E / -5.000; 39.133 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean Pemba Channel
5°0′S 39°40′E / 5.000°S 39.667°E / -5.000; 39.667 (Tanzania)  Tanzania Island of Pemba
5°0′S 39°52′E / 5.000°S 39.867°E / -5.000; 39.867 (Indian Ocean) Indian Ocean Passing through the Amirante Islands,  Seychelles
Passing just south of Mahé island,  Seychelles
Passing just north of Peros Banhos atoll,  British Indian Ocean Territory
5°0′S 103°45′E / 5.000°S 103.750°E / -5.000; 103.750 (Indonesia)  Indonesia Island of Sumatra
5°0′S 105°52′E / 5.000°S 105.867°E / -5.000; 105.867 (Java Sea) Java Sea Passing close by several small islands of  Indonesia
5°0′S 119°28′E / 5.000°S 119.467°E / -5.000; 119.467 (Indonesia)  Indonesia Island of Sulawesi
5°0′S 120°18′E / 5.000°S 120.300°E / -5.000; 120.300 (Banda Sea) Banda Sea Gulf of Boni - passing just north of the island of Kabaena,  Indonesia
5°0′S 122°23′E / 5.000°S 122.383°E / -5.000; 122.383 (Indonesia)  Indonesia Islands of Muna and Buton
5°0′S 122°57′E / 5.000°S 122.950°E / -5.000; 122.950 (Banda Sea) Banda Sea Passing close by several small islands of  Indonesia
5°0′S 137°15′E / 5.000°S 137.250°E / -5.000; 137.250 (Indonesia)  Indonesia Island of New Guinea
5°0′S 141°0′E / 5.000°S 141.000°E / -5.000; 141.000 (Papua New Guinea)  Papua New Guinea Island of New Guinea
5°0′S 145°47′E / 5.000°S 145.783°E / -5.000; 145.783 (Pacific Ocean) Pacific Ocean Bismarck Sea, passing close by several small islands of  Papua New Guinea
5°0′S 151°15′E / 5.000°S 151.250°E / -5.000; 151.250 (Papua New Guinea)  Papua New Guinea Island of New Britain
5°0′S 151°57′E / 5.000°S 151.950°E / -5.000; 151.950 (Pacific Ocean) Pacific Ocean Solomon Sea
- Passing just south of the island of New Ireland,  Papua New Guinea
- Passing just north of Buka Island,  Papua New Guinea
An unnamed part of the ocean
- Passing just north of Ontong Java Atoll,  Solomon Islands
- Passing just south of Nikumaroro atoll,  Kiribati
5°0′S 81°4′W / 5.000°S 81.067°W / -5.000; -81.067 (Peru)  Peru Piura
5°0′S 79°3′W / 5.000°S 79.050°W / -5.000; -79.050 (Ecuador)  Ecuador For about 4 km at the southernmost point of the country
5°0′S 79°0′W / 5.000°S 79.000°W / -5.000; -79.000 (Peru)  Peru Cajamarca
5°0′S 72°35′W / 5.000°S 72.583°W / -5.000; -72.583 (Brazil)  Brazil Amazonas
Rio Grande do Norte
5°0′S 36°50′W / 5.000°S 36.833°W / -5.000; -36.833 (Atlantic Ocean) Atlantic Ocean

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