20/20 (Trip Lee album)

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Trip Lee - 20-20.jpg
Studio album by Trip Lee
Released May 20, 2008
Genre Christian Rap
Label Reach
Producer Joseph Prielozny, G-Styles, Rob Ghosh, DJ Official, J.R., Tony Stone, Augusta Mchendree
Trip Lee chronology
If They Only Knew
Between Two Worlds

20/20 is the second studio album from Christian rap artist Trip Lee. The album was released in 2008, through Reach Records. The album debuted at No. 193 on the Billboard 200.[1]


The album received generally positive reviews; Trailblaza of Rapzilla had the following to say about the album. "Overall, this is a very solid sophomore release from Trip Lee and 20/20 definitely accomplishes its intended goal of seeing the Lord clearer. If you don't walk away from this album with 20/20 vision of our Lord, then you need to take your spiritual blinders off and listen to this album again."[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by William Barefield, except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "20/20 Intro"   1:58
2. "Superstar (Eyes Off Me)"   3:45
3. "Real Vision" (featuring Tedashii) Tedashii Anderson, Barefield 4:42
4. "Inexhaustible"   3:34
5. "Who Is Like Him?"   4:43
6. "We Told Em"   4:04
7. "Cling To You" (featuring Shai Linne) Barefield, Shai Linne 4:15
8. "Relief"   4:18
9. "Behold The Spirit" (featuring Tedashii) Barefield, Courtney Peebles 5:10
10. "Satisfaction (Hedonist)" Barefield, Courtney Peebles 4:31
11. "Come Close" (featuring Flame and Sho Baraka) Barefield, Amisho Lewis, Marcus T. Williams-Gray 4:32
12. "Who He Is" (featuring Lecrae and Cam) Barefield, Cameron Dukes, Lecrae Moore 4:10
13. "Intimacy" (featuring Diamone) Barefield, Lewis 4:45
14. "True Security"   4:53
15. "Eyes Open" (featuring J.R.) Barefield, Peebles 4:50
16. "Hip Hop [Hidden track]"   4:02