2003 Bavarian Cup

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2003 Bavarian Cup
Map of Germany: Position of Bavaria highlighted
Qualifying competition for
German Cup
Champions 2003
TSV Aindling

The 2003 Bavarian Cup was the sixth edition of this competition which was started in 1998. It ended with the TSV Aindling winning the competition. Together with the finalist, TSV Gerbrunn, both clubs were qualified for the DFB Cup 2003-04.

The competition is open to all senior men's football teams playing within the Bavarian football league system and the Bavarian clubs in the Regionalliga Süd (III).

Rules & History[edit]

The seven Bezirke in Bavaria each play their own cup competition which in turn used to function as a qualifying to the German Cup (DFB-Pokal). Since 1998 these seven cup-winners plus the losing finalist of the region that won the previous event advance to the newly introduced Bavarian Cup, the Toto-Pokal. The two finalists of this competition advance to the German Cup. Bavarian clubs which play in the first or second Bundesliga are not permitted to take part in the event, their reserve teams however can.[1] The seven regional cup winners plus the finalist from last season's winners region are qualified for the first round.

Participating clubs[edit]

The following eight clubs qualified for the 2003 Bavarian Cup:

Club League Tier Cup performance
TSV Aindling Oberliga Bayern IV Winner
TSV Gerbrunn Oberliga Bayern IV Final
VfL Frohnlach Landesliga Bayern-Nord V Semi-Final
SV Schalding-Heining Landesliga Bayern-Mitte V Semi-Final
Jahn Regensburg Regionalliga Süd III First Round
TSV 1860 Munich II Oberliga Bayern IV First Round
MTV Ingolstadt Landesliga Bayern-Süd V First Round
ASV Zirndorf Landesliga Bayern-Mitte V First Round

Bavarian Cup season 2002-03[edit]

Teams qualified for the next round in bold.

Regional finals[edit]

Region Date Winner Finalist Result
Oberbayern Cup 30 April 2003 TSV 1860 Munich II MTV Ingolstadt 3-0
Niederbayern Cup 7 May 2003 SV Schalding-Heining FC Dingolfing 2-1
Schwaben Cup 7 May 2003 TSV Aindling TSV 1861 Nördlingen 1-1 / 4-3 after pen.
Oberpfalz Cup 14 May 2003 Jahn Regensburg SpVgg Weiden 3-0
Mittelfranken Cup 14 May 2003 ASV Zirndorf 1. FC Nuremberg II 3-2
Oberfranken Cup 13 May 2003 VfL Frohnlach SpVgg Bayreuth 3-1
Unterfranken Cup 6 May 2003 TSV Gerbrunn Alemannia Haibach 2-1
  • The MTV Ingolstadt, runners-up of the Oberbayern Cup is the eights team qualified for the Bavarian Cup due to the FC Bayern Munich II from Oberbayern having won the Cup in the previous season.

First Round[edit]

Date Home Away Result
21 May 2003 TSV Gerbrunn Jahn Regensburg 2-2 / 4-2 after pen.
21 May 2003 MTV Ingolstadt SV Schalding-Heining 0-2
21 May 2003 TSV Aindling TSV 1860 Munich II 3-3 / 4-3 after pen.
21 May 2003 ASV Zirndorf VfL Frohnlach 1-1 / 4-5 after pen.

Semi Finals[edit]

Date Home Away Result
31 May 2003 SV Schalding-Heining TSV Gerbrunn 1-1 / 2-4 after pen.
27 May 2003 VfL Frohnlach TSV Aindling 0-3


Date Home Away Result Attendance
18 July 2003 TSV Aindling TSV Gerbrunn 14-0 550

The reason for the one-sided result in the final can be seen in the fact that TSV Gerbrunn had withdrawn its team from the Bayernliga to the lower Bavarian amateur leagues, therefore fielding a much weaker side.

DFB Cup 2003-04[edit]

The two clubs, TSV Aindling and TSV Gerbrunn, who qualified through the Bavarian Cup for the DFB Cup 2003-04 both were knocked out in the first round of the national cup competition:

Round Date Home Away Result Attendance
First round[2] 30 August 2003 TSV Aindling FC Schalke 04 0-3 6,400
First round[3] 30 August 2003 TSV Gerbrunn Wacker Burghausen 0-14 815


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