2006–07 Logan Cup

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2006–07 Logan Cup
Administrator(s) Zimbabwe Cricket
Cricket format First-class cricket (4 days)
Tournament format(s) League system
Champions Easterns (1st title)
Participants 6
Matches played 14
Most runs 568 – Tino Mawoyo (Easterns)
Most wickets 33 – Keith Dabengwa (Westerns)

The 2006–07 Logan Cup was a first-class cricket competition held in Zimbabwe from 12 April 2007 – 13 May 2007.[1] It was won by Easterns, who remained unbeaten in their five matches to top the table with 44 points.[2] Following the cancellation of the 2005–06 competition, Zimbabwe Cricket reformatted the Logan Cup, including the addition of a Kenya Select side. However, the tournament received a lot of negative publicity after firstly no fixture list was published,[3] and later the scorecards and statistics were unavailable.[4] The latter issue prompted concern that the matches could lose their first-class status as even the International Cricket Council (ICC) were not given the appropriate information.[4]

It was suggested by Steven Price, writing for Cricinfo that the tournament was nothing more than an exercise in "ticking the boxes" for Zimbabwe Cricket.[5] The competition was played almost entirely out of the public eye, with no advertising and very little support. He put forward the view that the competition was playing primarily to meet the ICC's criteria for Zimbabwe's return to Test cricket; specifically, "that they had a fully functioning domestic programme".[5] By contrast, Cricket Kenya, who had entered a representative side into the competition, provided the majority of information to the statisticians and general public on an almost daily basis.[5]

Points table[edit]

Team Pld W L D Pts
Easterns 5 4 0 1 44
Westerns 5 3 2 0 30
Centrals 5 2 2 1 24
Southerns 4 1 2 1 14
Northerns 5 0 2 3 12
Kenya Select 4 0 2 2 8


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