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The 2008 Tongan Legislative Assembly is the previous term of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga. Its composition was determined by the 2008 elections, held on April 23 and 24, 2008. It served until 2010, when special elections were held under a new constitution.

Nine members of the parliament are People's Representatives, nine represent the 33 nobles, and fourteen are Cabinet Ministers appointed by the King.

The Speaker of the 2008 Legislative Assembly was Hon Tu'ilakepa.

Initial party standings[edit]

e • d Summary of the 23 April/24 April 2008 Tongan Legislative Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Human Rights and Democracy Movement 21,914 28.36 4
Independents 41,798 54.09 3
People's Democratic Party 10,798 13.97 2
Paati Langafonua Tu'uloa 2,768 3.58 0
Members elected by and among the 29 hereditary nobles of Tonga 9
Members of the Privy Council (appointed by the King) 12
Governors (appointed by the King) 2
Total 77,278 100.00 30
Source: Matangi Tonga


Name Party Electorate Term
Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva HRDM Tongatapu No. 1 Eighth
'Isileli Pulu HRDM Tongatapu No. 2 Third
Clive Edwards PDP Tongatapu No. 3 Second?
'Etuate Lavulavu Independent Vava'u No. 1 Third
Samiu Vaipulu Independent Vava'u No. 2 Sixth
'Uliti Uata HRDM Ha'apai No. 1 Seventh
Sione Teisina Fuko PDP Ha'apai No. 2 Third
Sunia Fili HRDM Eua Fourth
Sione Feingatau Iloa Independent Niuas First
Hon Tu'ilakepa Independent Vava'u Noble 1 Third
Hon. Fielakepa Independent Tongatapu Noble 1 First
Hon. Ma'afu Tukui'aulahi Independent Tongatapu Noble 2
Hon. Vaha'i Independent Tongatapu Noble 3 Second
Hon. Fulivai Independent Vava'u Noble 2 First
Hon Tu'iha'ateiho Independent Ha'apai Noble 1 Second
Hon Tu'iha'angana Independent Ha'apai Noble 2 Seventh
Hon Lasike Independent Eua Noble Second
Hon. Tangipa Independent Niuas Noble Second
Feleti Sevele Independent Cabinet Minister Fourth
Viliami Tangi Independent Cabinet Minister
Tevita Hala Palefau Independent Cabinet Minister
Hon Tuita Independent Cabinet Minister
Hon Nuku Independent Cabinet Minister
Hon Tu'ivakano Independent Cabinet Minister
Fineasi Funaki Independent Cabinet Minister
Afu'alo Matoto Independent Cabinet Minister
Lisiate 'Akolo Independent Cabinet Minister
Tu'ipelehake Viliami Tupoulahi Mailefihi Tuku'aho Independent Cabinet Minister
'Eseta Fusitu'a Independent Cabinet Minister
Hon. Ma'afu Tukui'aulahi Independent Cabinet Minister
Hon. Malupo Independent Governor of Ha'apai
Hon. Luani Independent Governor of vava'u