21 Electronic Warfare Regiment

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21 Electronic Warfare Regiment
Country Canada
Branch Communications and Electronics Branch
Motto Inveni et Usurpa ("Find and Exploit")
Lieutenant Colonel Robyn Hulan[1]

21 Electronic Warfare (EW) Regiment is a Regiment in the Canadian Army under the Communications and Electronics Branch, based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.[2] 21 EW Regt exists to provide trained Army Electronic Warfare operators and support personnel to the Canadian Armed Forces. 214 Electronic Warfare Squadron is the only Reserve Electronic Warfare Squadron within the Canadian Armed Forces that is a part of the Regular Forces Regiment. Many of its members serve in various UN and NATO peacekeeping missions around the world.

The regiment includes:

  • 211 Electronic Warfare Squadron (Regular)
  • 212 Electronic Warfare Squadron (Regular)
  • 214 Electronic Warfare Squadron (Reserve)
  • 215 Electronic Warfare Squadron (Regular)
  • 218 Combat Service Support Squadron (Regular)
  • Regimental Headquarters (Regular)


21 Electronic Warfare Regiment primarily employs the following occupations in the Canadian Army, among others:

  • Signals Officer (00341 SIGS)
  • Communicator Research Operator (00120 COMM RSCH)
  • Army Communication & Information Systems Specialist (00362-1 ACISS)
  • Communication System Technologist (00362-3 CST)
  • Information System Technologist (00362-4 IST)


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