21st Infantry Regiment (Thailand)

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21st Infantry Regiment, King's Guard
กรมทหารราบที่ 21 รักษาพระองค์
Emblem of the 21st Infantry Regiment, Queen's Guard.svg
Emblem of the 21st Infantry Regiment, Queen's Guard
Active 1950-present
Country  Thailand
Branch Flag of the Royal Thai Army.svg Royal Thai Army
Type Infantry
Size Regiment
Nickname(s) Thahan Suea Rachini
(ทหารเสือราชินี, the queen's tiger soldiers)
Website myhome211.com

The 21st Infantry Regiment, Queen's Guard (Thai: กรมทหารราบที่ 21 รักษาพระองค์) (ร.21 รอ.) is a King's Guard regiment under the 2nd Infantry Division, King's Guard of the Royal Thai Army. The regiment was created in 1950. It is known as the Queen's Guard or Thahan Suea Rachini (Thai: ทหารเสือราชินี, translated as "Queen's Tiger Soldiers"). The regiment is based in Prachinburi.


The 21st regiment of the royal Thai armed forces or the Queen’s guard was founded on 22 September 1950 by the request of United Nation to establishment troops to help the Government of the Republic of Korea to inhibit the invasion of North Korea’s communist.

Act of Bravery[edit]

  • Joined the United Nation in Korea war with bravery until receive a nickname called “Little Tiger”.
  • Joined Vietnam War in the name of volunteer soldiers’ name “War cobra” during 1968-1969.
  • Suppressed the communist terrorist and helped the civilian in Nan on 1975.
  • Received a decoration of bravery and the Honorable Order of Rama from stopping trespass of Vietnam in Thai-Cambodian border.


The regiment is divided into three infantry battalions:

  • The 1st Infantry Battalion, 21st regiment Queen’s Guard
  • The 2nd Infantry Battalion, 21st regiment Queen’s Guard
  • The 3rd Infantry Battalion, 21st regiment Queen’s Guard

Official uniforms[edit]

  • Rajchawanlop hat with black tuft with the initial of Queen’s name.
  • Purple woolen fabric top with black woolen fabric mane and embroidered the initial of Queen’s name on the wrist.
  • Black woolen fabric pants with 2 purple strips per side.


The 21st regiment was approved from the Royal Thai Army to manage Queen’s guard training to reply the Queen’s order with the royal intention to provide special training for troops for the capability in any kind of operation in every topography.


The trainee must be serve under the crown in 21st regiment Queen’s guard or be allowed from the Royal Thai Army to attend the training.

Duration of training[edit]

Queen’s Tiger soldier manage training course in every 2 years which takes a total of 16 weeks.

  • Physical and mental conditioning to prepare for the next training. This phase takes 4 weeks. (Only those who passed this training can be trained in the next step)
  • Forest and mountain training for 4 weeks. This phase will focus on the training of air infiltration with aircraft. Infiltrate on the ground with small units. The use of guerrilla’s tactics. Identify forest areas. The horse riding, controlling and various type of transportation. Training of monarch security and study development project by royal thought.
  • Sea phase, 3 weeks duration. Focus on water infiltration and tactical dive. Coast patrol, amphibious battle, living in the sea, parachuting into the sea and mariner tradition.
  • Urban phase, 3 weeks duration. Focus on indoor operation, anti-terrorist, hostage rescue and tactical motor bike riding.
  • Air phase, 2 weeks duration. Focus on manual parachuting, parachute control, parachute folding and solving parachute problems.

Integrity sign[edit]

Those who successfully complete all the tiger training course will receive a military capabilities plate from the Queen. The plate made of metal, decorated with the Purple Heart designate with the initial of Queen’s name. The lower part is a blue ribbon contain the phrase “Tiger Soldier”. On both side of the Purple Heart is decorate with the tigers soar above the mountain, wave and clouds.

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