23rd Street viaduct

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23rd Street viaduct
Coordinates 39°05′24″N 94°36′31″W / 39.0901°N 94.6087°W / 39.0901; -94.6087Coordinates: 39°05′24″N 94°36′31″W / 39.0901°N 94.6087°W / 39.0901; -94.6087
Carries 4 lanes of Kansas Avenue in Kansas, 4 lanes of 23rd Street in Missouri
Crosses Kansas River, West Bottoms, parking lot to Kemper Arena
Locale Kansas City, Kansas, to Kansas City, Missouri
Official name Kansas Avenue Bridge
Maintained by WyCo Unified Government and City of Kansas City, Missouri[citation needed]
Design Warren Deck Truss
Opened 1921

The 23rd Street viaduct is an automobile crossing of the Kansas River, and south of the Rock Island Bridge (Kansas City). It was built in 1921, and rebuilt in 2007. It is an elevated deck truss, and about 3,000 feet long. It survived the 1951, and 1993 Kansas City floods. It has two side approaches, one to the south, one to the north, and rises above the south part of the West Bottoms, and the parking lot to Kemper Arena. Its real name is the Kansas Avenue Bridge, but, because the primary half of it is in Missouri, it is called the 23rd Street viaduct more than the Kansas Avenue Bridge.