313 (album)

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Studio album by Phideaux Xavier
Released 2006 (2006)
Recorded Firehouse Studios (Pasadena, California)
Genre Progressive rock
Psychedelic rock
Pop rock
Length 48:19
Label Bloodfish Music
Producer Gabriel Moffat
Phideaux Xavier chronology
The Great Leap
(2006)The Great Leap2006

313 is the fourth album released by composer Phideaux Xavier.

Xavier and his band of musicians had done three well rehearsed, well conceived albums, and decided to make an "album in a day".[citation needed]

On March 13, 2004 (which was actually before they'd finished the Chupacabras album), all of Phideaux Xavier's musicians converged in L.A. for an unrehearsed recording session. During that day, they composed and recorded 13 songs; however, the final results were deemed to be nothing more than embryonic, and those sessions were shelved until after the album Chupacabras was released. In 2005, Xavier and Gabriel Moffat polished up the recordings, and on March 13, 2006, released the album 313 (named for the date upon which it was recorded).

Themes recur throughout the work, and although it is 13 separate songs, they all seem to flow together. The cover artwork for this album was by Margie Schnibbe, another childhood friend of Phideaux Xavier's, who painted a 20-page booklet that was quite a departure from the Gothic imagery of the first three albums.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Railyard" 03:32
2. "Have You Hugged Your Robot?" 03:08
3. "A Storm of Cats" 02:34
4. "Never Gonna Go" 03:43
5. "Pyramid" 04:13
6. "There's Only One of You" 02:37
7. "Orangutan" 02:57
8. "(A)Sick of Me /(B) Coda 99" 05:41
9. "In Search of Bitter Ore" 04:03
10. "(A)Cats 2 / (B) Body to Space" 05:33
11. "Watching Machine" 02:27
12. "Run Singing Tiger" 03:37
13. "Benediction" 04:05

Line-up / Musicians - Ariel Farber / vocals - Linda Ruttan / vocals - Valerie Gracious / vocals - Gabriel Moffat / guitar, bass guitar(1), Fx, producer

/ Mark Sherkus / keyboards, synthesizer(1), grand piano(2,4),Mellotron sample(1), electric guitar(3),electric sitar(3),bass synth(1),harpsichord sample(3),korg karma synth(2),Chamberlin sample(4),micro moog(5,11),organ(6,8(A)&(B),13),electric piano(12) /
    / Phideaux Xavier : vocals (tracks 1-10),Grand piano(1,3,5,6,10(A),piano(13), acoustic(1,6)  & electric guitars(2,4,7,11,12), bass guitar(2,3,4,5-8,12), electric sitar(8), vocoder(2,8(B) , Ensoniq synthesizer(2,8(A & B parts,11),E-bow chorus(7,8(B),solo E-bow guitar(12),Tooth brush(11)

- Julie Hair / bass, voice, percussion

                   /  Richard Hutchins / drums(tracks 1-6,8(A&Bparts),9,12),Mallets & cymbals(10,Lunch(11),cymbals(13).

-Molly Ruttan-Moffat / drums, vocals