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A panel of 319 Dark Street

319 Dark Street is a webcomic written and drawn by David Wade. It began in June 2004 and concluded in 2015. The story follows Amanda "The bitch with a bob" Kayne, a former boxer who must deal with multiple attempts on her life.[1] The webcomic is known for having a strong film noir ambiance and features multiple instances of dark humor.[2][3]


In 319 Dark Street, protagonist Amanda Kayne is being stalked by hitmen after refusing to take a loss in her last fight. As a further complication, she has to reside in a decrepit building in the fictional Michigan city of Middlebay as a condition for inheriting her uncle's fortune. Amanda spends her time fending off attackers while wise-cracking with her black cat and making a living singing in a jazz quartet. 319 Dark Street features a strong film noir ambiance and its characters make frequent use of dark humor.[3]


In 2008, David Wade was a featured guest at I-CON[4] and in 2010, 319 Dark Street was nominated for an award in the category "Outstanding Use Of Color" by the webcomic hosting website Comic Genesis.[5]


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