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Type of site
Blog host
Available inEnglish
OwnerLive Gamer
Created byTrapper Markelz and Steve Sopp
RegistrationOptional (free) to view blogs / required (free) to obtain a blog
LaunchedApril 17, 2006 (2006-04-17)
Current statusClosed

360voice was a website where gamers could read or subscribe via RSS to a blog about what their friends are doing every day on Xbox Live, including tracking gameplay and issuing gamerscore challenges. It is the major product of It Can Talk Systems Inc., a company founded by Trapper Markelz and Steve Sopp in 2006.[1][2] For example, one may view all the games played by Xbox Live director Larry Hryb (better known as "Major Nelson") on his 360voice blog.[3] It has been recognized as part of a new trend in technology where inanimate objects acquire the ability to blog about their owners' activities.[4]

Experience Challenge[edit]

360voice has been the home to advertising programs such as the Old Spice Experience Challenge, and has been recognized as part of a trend within advertising to depart from standard media buys and focus on associating brands with online activities that an audience are participating in.[5]


In April 2008, the company was acquired by GamerDNA under undisclosed terms.[6][7][8] In December 2008, the domain name of 360voice.com[9] was moved to 360voice.gamerdna.com.[10] The site is part of the gamerDNA Media network.

In June 2014 it was announced[11] that the site would no longer receive updates and was closed in 2015.


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