3 Stories About Evil

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3 Stories About Evil
Directed by Michael Frost
Produced by Jay Frank
Walter Reuben
Michael Frost
Andrew Sachs
Edgar Varela
Written by Walter Reuben
Starring Mink Stole
Erica Gavin
Joe Dallesandro
Billy Drago
Suzete Belouin
Barry Brisco
Joey Krebs
Daylyn Wolfram Presley
Kimmy Robertson
Laurence Tolhurst
Cinematography Andrew K. Sachs
Edited by Michael Frost
Distributed by Helsinki Productions
Release date
  • March 26, 2008 (2008-03-26) (Boston Underground Film Festival)
Running time
22 minutes
Country United States
Language English

3 Stories About Evil is a 2008 short, experimental narrative film directed by Michael Frost and photographed by Andrew K. Sachs. It was written by Walter Reuben and stars Mink Stole, Erica Gavin, Joe Dallesandro, and Billy Drago.[1]


The film is a narrative short composed almost entirely of still photographs. The three stories are interrelated black comedies about family, sexuality, the media, and beauty pageants.[2][3][4]


Three interrelated stories comprise the plot structure of this film. In the first, "The Story of Johnnie & Laurie," Johnnie (Barry Brisco) is betrayed by his sister (Suzette Belouin) when she finds out his sexual proclivities. When she informs her parents (Billy Drago & Erica Gavin) about his homosexuality, their estrangement leads Johnnie through a series of unsavory incidents. In "The Story of Pat & Pepper," Pat (Mink Stole) is a Christian conservative and her five-year-old daughter Pepper (Pepper Peeters) participates in children's beauty pageants. Ambivalent over her daughter's attractiveness to a pageant judge (Daylyn Wolfram Presley), Pat accidentally kills Pepper and transforms her into a dead chanteuse. Finally, in "The Story of Jim," Jim (Joey Krebs) takes the advice of his best friend Eddie (Laurence Tolhurst) and gets a job in the television industry. When Jim's career plummets due to poor ratings, he finds a sex change operation the perfect solution out of a desperate situation.[4]


  • Stacie Abram - Woman Caller
  • Christy Ball - Toyota Kawasaki
  • Suzete Belouin - Laurie Harris
  • Squeaky Blonde - Judge
  • Barry Brisco - Johnnie Harris
  • Tim Caszatt - Judge
  • Michael Ciriaco - Robby Donan
  • Joe Dallesandro - Jean Maries
  • Billy Drago - Mr. Harris
  • Erica Gavin - Mrs. Harris
  • Heather Gray - Anne
  • Joey Krebs - Jim
  • George Kuchar - Telephone Man
  • Daylyn Wolfram Presley - Athletic Coach; Television Network Executive; Pervert
  • Kimmy Robertson - Narrator
  • Walter Reuben - Narrator
  • Sebastian Sage - Hippy
  • Mink Stole - Pat Peeters
  • Peter Struve - Mercury Man
  • Grant Sullivan - Kroger
  • Laurence Tolhurst - Eddie
  • Kat Turner - Dominatrix
  • Dave White - Narrator


  • Boston Underground Film Festival 2008 - Most Effectively Offensive [5]
  • DragonCon Independent Film Festival (Atlanta, GA) 2008 - Best Dark Comedy [6]
  • RADAR International Film Festival (Hamburg, Germany) 2008 - Best Art & Animation [7]
  • Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles 2008 - Best Experimental Short Film [8][9]


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