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Studio album by
ReleasedMay 25th, 2011
Genrepop, r'n'b, dance-pop
LanguageRussian, English
ProducerJim Beanz
J. R. Rotem
Dima Bilan chronology
Singles from Mechtatel
  1. "Changes"
    Released: July, 2009
  2. "По парам"
    Released: December, 2009
  3. "Safety"
    Released: June, 2010
  4. "Я просто люблю тебя"
    Released: October, 2010
  5. "Мечтали"
    Released: March, 2011
  6. "Он Хотел"
    Released: July 2011
  7. "Задыхаюсь"
    Released: September 2011
  8. "Слепая Любовь"
    Released: December 2011

Mechtatel (Russian: Мечтатель, English: Dreamer) is the sixth album by Russian singer-songwriter Dima Bilan. It was recorded in Russia and the United States in collaboration with Jim Beanz and Jonathan Rotem. A bonus disc version was published with an attached DVD contains the official videos of five songs.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Latin script Translation Length
1 «Мечтатели» Mechtateli Dreamers 3:48
2 «Changes» 3:42
3 «Задыхаюсь» Zadyhayus I'm suffocating 3:31
4 «Я просто люблю тебя» Ya prosto lyublyu tebya I just love you 4:21
5 «Rocket man» 3:34
6 «Он хотел» On hotel He wanted 3:21
7 «Safety» 3:34
8 «Я сильней» Ya sil'ney I'm stronger 3:49
9 «Лови мои цветные сны» Lovi Moi Cvetnye Sny Catch My Colorful Dreams 3:42
10 «По парам» Po param In pairs 3:42
11 «Пока!» Poka Goodbye 3:17
12 «Get outta my way» 3:39
13 «Звезда» (feat. Anya Belan) Zvezda Star 3:22
14 «Слепая любовь» Slepaya Lubov' Blind Love 3:40
15 «Я просто люблю тебя» (remix) Ya prosto lyublyu tebya (remix) I just love you (remix) 3:11
16 «Safety» (remix) 4:20

DVD Track listing[edit]

# Title
1 «Changes» video
2 «По парам» video
3 «Safety» video
4 «Я просто люблю тебя» video
5 «Мечтатели» video