53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment (Romania)

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MIM-23 Hawk missile system.

The 53rd Anti-aircraft Missiles Regiment "Trophaeum Traiani" (Regimentul 53 Rachete Antiaeriene) is an air defense regiment of the Romanian Land Forces. It is currently subordinated to the 2nd Infantry Division and its headquarters are located in Medgidia (near Constanţa). The regiment was part of the 6th Anti-aircraft Missiles Brigade, which was disbanded in 2006, due to a reorganization process of the Romanian Land Forces. The unit currently operates the S-75 "Volhov" and the modern MIM-23 Hawk surface-to-air missile systems.

The main units of the regiment are the 1st Anti-aircraft Missiles Battalion and the 2nd Anti-aircraft Missiles Battalion Pelendava [1][permanent dead link].

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