6344 P–L

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6344 P–L (2007 RR9)
Orbital characteristics
4.7 years

6344 P–L is a small Solar System body that was discovered in the year 1960 by asteroid searchers Tom Gehrels, Ingrid van Houten-Groeneveld, and Cornelis Johannes van Houten. Last seen in 1960, it was lost, but rediscovered in 2007 as 2007 RR9.[1] In other words, it was a lost asteroid from 1960 until it was recovered and recognized as the same object by Peter Jenniskens in 2007.[2] P–L stands for Palomar–Leiden, for Palomar Observatory and Leiden Observatory.[2]

It is either an asteroid or dormant comet nucleus, and it has a 4.7-year orbit around the Sun.[2] The orbit goes out as far as Jupiter's but then back in, passing as close as 0.07 AU to the Earth, making it a collision risk.[2]

6344 P–L is a potentially hazardous object and probably a dormant comet, although it was not outgassing at the time of its recovery.[2]