658th Eastern Battalion

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Ost Bataillon 658
Country  Nazi Germany
Type battalion
Alfons Rebane

The 658th Eastern Battalion (German: Ost Bataillon 658) was an Eastern Front World War II military unit of the Wehrmacht composed of Estonians. It was formed on 23 October 1942 from Estnische Sicherungs-Abteilung 181 by the German 18th Army[1] and fought in Northern Russia. In June 1944 it was dissolved and its personnel used to form the 47th Waffen-Grenadier Regiment 2nd Battalion of the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Estonian).[2]

The unit was commanded by Standartenführer Alfons Rebane, former Estonian Army officer.[3]

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