7th Blackshirt Division (Cirene)

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The Italian 7th Blackshirt Division Cirene was an Italian CCNN Blackshirt militia unit formed for the Second Italo-Abyssinian War under the command of Lt. Gen. Guido Scandolara. The division was deployed in Libya during the war against Abyssinia to threaten the Suez Canal should the British close it to Italian traffic. It was never deployed to Abyssinia, but was considered to take part in the campaign. It actually acted as a local garrison and engaged in various construction projects.

Order of Battle 3 October 1935 - 1 June 1936[edit]

7th Blackshirt Division Cirene

  • 190th Blackshirts Legion "Pisa"
    • 190th "Pisa" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 341st "Volturno" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 196th Blackshirts Legion "Petrarca"
    • 196th "Petrarca" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 245th "C.Pisacane" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 198th Blackshirts Legion "Maremmana"
    • 198th "Maremmano" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 240th "Aquilia" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 219th Blackshirts Legion "Caio Mario"
    • 219th "Caio Mario" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 244th "Irpino" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 241st Blackshirts Legion "Volturno"
    • 241st "Rismondo" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 245th Volturno" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 267th Blackshirts Legion "Etna"
    • 248th "Tavogliere" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 267th "Etna" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 271st Blackshirts Legion "Vespri"
    • 271st "Vespri" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 276th "Cacciatori Guide di Sardegna" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 352nd Blackshirts Legion "Acciaiata"
    • 352nd "Acciaiato" Blackshirts Battalion
    • 363rd "T.Gulli" Blackshirts Battalion
  • 180th Machine-gun Company
  • 180th Pack-artillery Battery CC.NN.
  • 7th Motorized Artillery Regiment (Army)
  • 4 x 65L17 pack-artillery batteries
  • 2 x Replacements Battalions
  • 7th Special Engineer Company (mixed CC.NN. and Army)
  • 7th Mixed-formation Truck Company


  • Additionally the Blackshirts Divisions had a Medical Section and Logistics Section.


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