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The 8th Legislative Assembly of Quebec was the provincial legislature in Quebec, Canada that existed from March 8, 1892 to May 11, 1897. The Quebec Conservative Party was the governing party for the last time in Quebec. Charles Boucher de Boucherville was the Premier for much of 1892; Louis-Olivier Taillon ran the province for most of the mandate until he was replaced by Edmund James Flynn during the final year. The Conservatives would remain the opposition party until 1935, when they merged with the Union Nationale which won the elections held the following year.

Seats per political party[edit]

Affiliation Members
     Conservative Party 51
  Parti libéral du Québec 21
     Conservative Independent 1
 Government Majority

Member list[edit]

This was the list of members of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec that were elected in the 1892 election:

Name Party Riding
     William John Simpson Conservative Argenteuil
     Joseph-Éna Girouard Libéral Arthabaska
     Milton McDonald Conservative Bagot
     Joseph Poirier Conservative Beauce
     Moïse Plante Conservative Beauharnois
     Adélard Turgeon Libéral Bellechasse
     Victor Allard Conservative Berthier
     Honoré Mercier Libéral Bonaventure
     Rufus Nelson England Conservative Brome
     Louis-Olivier Taillon Conservative Chambly
     Pierre Grenier Conservative Champlain
     Joseph Morin Libéral Charlevoix
     William Greig Conservative Châteauguay
     Honoré Petit Conservative Chicoutimi et Saguenay
     John McIntosh Conservative Compton
     Benjamin Beauchamp Conservative Independent Deux-Montagnes
     Louis-Philippe Pelletier Conservative Dorchester
     Joseph Peter Cooke Conservative Drummond
     Edmund James Flynn Conservative Gaspé
     Joseph-Octave Villeneuve Conservative Hochelaga
     George Washington Stephens Sr. Libéral Huntingdon
     François Gosselin Libéral Iberville
     François-Gilbert Miville Dechêne Libéral Islet
     Joseph-Adélard Descarries Conservative Jacques Cartier
     Joseph-Mathias Tellier Conservative Joliette
     Charles-Alfred Desjardins Conservative Kamouraska
     Joseph Girard Conservative Lac St-Jean
     Cyrille Doyon Conservative Laprairie
     Joseph Marion Conservative L'Assomption
     Pierre-Évariste Leblanc Conservative Laval
     Angus Baker Conservative Lévis
     Édouard-Hippolyte Laliberté Libéral Lotbinière
     Hector Caron Libéral Maskinongé
     Edmund James Flynn Conservative Matane
     James King Conservative Mégantic
     Elijah Edmund Spencer Conservative Missisquoi
     Octave Magnan Conservative Montcalm
     Nazaire Bernatchez Libéral Montmagny
     Thomas Chase Casgrain Conservative Montmorency
     François Martineau Conservative Montréal division no. 1
     Olivier-Maurice Augé Conservative Montréal division no. 2
     Damase Parizeau Conservative Montréal division no. 3
     Alexander Webb Morris Conservative Montréal division no. 4
     John Smythe Hall Conservative Montréal division no. 5
     Patrick Kennedy Conservative Montréal division no. 6
     Louis Sainte-Marie Conservative Napierville
     Louis Beaubien Conservative Nicolet
     Nérée Tétreau Conservative Ottawa
     David Gillies Libéral Pontiac
     Jules Tessier Libéral Portneuf
     Charles Fitzpatrick Libéral Québec-Comté
     Victor Châteauvert Conservative Québec-Centre
     Joseph Shehyn Libéral Québec-Est
     Félix Carbray Conservative Québec-Ouest
     Louis Lacouture Conservative Richelieu
     Joseph Bédard Conservative Richmond
     Auguste Tessier Libéral Rimouski
     Alfred Girard Libéral Rouville
     Antoine-Paul Cartier Conservative St. Hyacinthe
     Félix-Gabriel Marchand Libéral St. Jean
     Nérée Duplessis Conservative St. Maurice
     Simon-Napoléon Parent Libéral St. Sauveur
     Adolphe-François Savaria Conservative Shefford
     Louis-Edmond Panneton Conservative Sherbrooke
     Avila-Gonzague Bourbonnais Libéral Soulanges
     Michael Felix Hackett Conservative Stanstead
     Napoléon Rioux Conservative Témiscouata
     Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel Conservative Terrebonne
     Télesphore-Eusèbe Normand Conservative Trois-Rivières
     Hilaire Cholette Conservative Vaudreuil
     Albert-Alexandre Lussier Libéral Verchères
     Jérôme-Adolphe Chicoyne Conservative Wolfe
     Victor Gladu Libéral Yamaska

Other elected MLAs[edit]

Other MLAs were elected in this mandate duringg by-elections

Cabinet Ministers[edit]

De Boucherville Cabinet (1892)[edit]

  • Prime Minister and Executive Council President: Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville
  • Agriculture and Colonization: Louis Beaubien
  • Public Works: Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel
  • Crown Lands: Edmund James Flynn
  • Attorney General: Thomas Chase Casgrain (1892), Edmund Jamess Flynn (1892)
  • Provincial secretary: Louis-Philippe Pelletier
  • Treasurer: John Smythe Hall (1892), Charles-Eugène Boucher de Boucherville (1892)
  • Members without portfolios: Louis-Olivier Taillon, John McIntosh

Taillon Cabinet (1892-1896)[edit]

  • Prime Minister: Louis-Olivier Taillon
  • Executive Council President: Louis-Olivier Taillon (1892-1895), Michael Felix Hackett (1895-1896)
  • Agriculture and Colonization: Louis Beaubien
  • Public Works: Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel
  • Crown Lands: Edmund James Flynn
  • Attorney General:Edmund Jamess Flynn (1892), Thomas Chase Casgrain (1892-1896)
  • Provincial secretary: Louis-Philippe Pelletier
  • Treasurer: Louis-Olivier Taillon (1892, 1894-1896), John Smythe Hall (1892-1894)
  • Members without portfolios: Thomas Chapais (1893-1896), John McIntosh (1893-1896), Alexander Webb Morris (1895-1896)

Flynn Cabinet (1896-1897)[edit]

  • Prime Minister: Edmund James Flynn
  • Executive Council President: Thomas Chapais
  • Agriculture and Colonization: Louis Beaubien (1896-1897)
    • Agriculture: Louis Beaubien (1897)
    • Colonization and Mines: Thomas Chapais (1897)
  • Public Works: Edmund James Flynn
  • Crown Lands: Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel (1896-1897)
    • Lands, Forests and Fishing: Guillaume-Alphonse Nantel (1897)
  • Attorney General:Louis-Philippe Pelletier
  • Provincial secretary: Michael Felix Hackett
  • Treasurer: Albert William Atwater

New electoral districts[edit]

The electoral map was slightly modified in 1895 with the creation of the Îles-de-la-Madeleine district, which was formed from parts of Gaspé and includes the Magdalen Islands.[1]


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