9th Empyrean

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9th Empyrean
Chthonic - 9th Empyrean (Chinese Version).jpg
Cover on Chinese Version
Studio album by Chthonic
Released 2000
Recorded 2000
Genre Symphonic black metal, blackened death metal
Length 38:09
Language Chinese, English, Taiwanese
Label Crystal Lake
Producer Chthonic
Chthonic chronology
Where the Ancestors' Souls Gathered
(1999)Where the Ancestors' Souls Gathered1999
9th Empyrean
Relentless Recurrence
(2002)Relentless Recurrence2002
Cover on English Version
Chthonic - 9th Empyrean (TaiwaneseVersion).jpg

9th Empyrean is the second studio album by Taiwanese black metal band Chthonic, released in 2000.[1] The album was originally only available in Taiwan, until it was re-released by Nightfall Records in English format in 2002. Both versions of the album are now out of print and extremely difficult to find.

It is the only Chthonic album to feature two different (although similar) album covers upon its initial release.

Track listing[edit]

Chinese version[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "海息 慢板" 2:45
2. "第一節 序" 1:39
3. "第二節 幽游冥河" 6:58
4. "第三節 支那之喚" 6:02
5. "第四節 匯神" 1:43
6. "第五節 侵" 7:46
7. "第六節 玄蒼" 2:10
8. "第七節 永固邦稷" 9:15

English version (2002)[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Breath of Ocean" 2:45
2. "Mother Isle Disintegrated. Aboriginal Gods Enthroned (Chapter 2)" 1:39
3. "Floated Unconsciously In the Acheron" 6:58
4. "Summon of China" 6:02
5. "Gods Souls Gathered" 1:43
6. "Invasion" 7:46
7. "Upon the Empyrean" 2:10
8. "Guard the Isle Eternally" 9:06


  • Freddy Lim – lead vocals, erhu
  • Jesse Liu – guitar, backing vocals
  • Doris Yeh – bass, backing vocals
  • Ambrosia – keyboards
  • A-Jay – drums


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