A. B. Walawalkar

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A. B. Walawalkar
Born (1897-12-27)December 27, 1897
Walawal, Kudal
Died December 23, 1970(1970-12-23) (aged 72)
Citizenship India
Nationality Indian
Fields Indian Railways, Konkan Railway, Konkan Railway Corporation
Institutions Vadodara, Mumbai, Manglore
Known for Found of Konkan Railway Project

A. B. Walawalkar was an Indian Railway engineer who was the founder of Konkan Railway. Born on December 27, 1897, he was from the village of Walawal in Kudal Taluka of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra. He belongs to Naik Maratha Samaj of Sindhudurg. Shri Arjun Balwant Walawalkar joined Central India Railway (presently Western Railway) in its Engineering Drawing Department in 1922. In 1952 he published a booklet on Konkan Railway Project. He delivered seminars and wrote many articles in local and national newspapers about this project. Many people criticized Walawalkar, believing the project was not useful.

Walawalkar died on December 23, 1970. On January 26, 1998, the Post Department of the Government of India issued a commemorative postage stamp in the memory of Shri Arjun Balwant Walawalkar.

Selected publications[edit]

  • 'Konkan Railway Project' booklet