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Location of the A6 in Switzerland
Route information
Length71 km (44 mi)
Highway system
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The A6 motorway, an Autobahn in Switzerland, connects Biel / Bienne over Bern with Thun. The A6 is located entirely within the Canton of Berne and, in particular, has a great regional significance, as only the section of Bern in the direction Berner Oberland is part of the Swiss national road system.


The A6 is a Swiss motorway. Up until the mid-1990s it was called N6. This denomination is still used in certain documents. The A6 has two sections. the first section starts in Biel / Bienne and goes to Schönbühl. This section is a cantonal road belonging to the canton of Berne, but in 2014 it will be taken over by the Swiss federation and thus turn into a national road. In Schönbühl the A6 joins the A1. A few kilometers south, at the junction Bern-Wankdorf, the two motorways separate again. The A6 leads up the Aare valley to Thun, and from there to the junction of Lattigen near Spiez. At this junction, the A6 turns west to Wimmis while the motorway going south changes into the A8. It ends right after the Simmenfluh-Tunnel where the road turns into a cantonal road. Earlier, there had been plans to continue the national road through the Simmental and then connect it with the Canton of Valais through the Rawil-Tunnel, but this project was abandoned in 1984. The road and the tunnel were never built.

In 2014 The names of the Swiss motorways will be slightly altered. The road that goes up to Kandersteg will be taken over by the Swiss Federation and will become part of the A6.

Junction list[edit]

A5 planned

Autostrasse A6
AB-Vzw.svg (1) Fork Brüggmoos A5 - planned
AB-AZ.svg (2) Port
AB-AZ.svg (3) Brügg
AB-AZ.svg (4) Studen (BE)
Autostrasse A6

Motorway end
AB-AS.svg (5) Lyss Nord
AB-AS.svg (6) Lyss Süd
AB-AS.svg (7) Schüpfen
AB-AS.svg (8) Münchenbuchsee
AB-AS.svg (9) Schönbühl
AB-Vzw.svg (10) Fork Schönbühl A1
AB-Tank.svg AB-Rast.svg Grauholz
AB-Vzw.svg (11) Fork Bern Wankdorf A1
AB-AS.svg (11) Bern Wankdorf
AB-AS.svg (12) Bern Ostring
AB-Tunnel.svg Sonnenhof (280 m)
AB-Vzw.svg AB-AS.svg    (13) Muri A10
AB-AS.svg (14) Rubigen
(Raststätte) Münsingen
AB-AS.svg (15) Kiesen
AB-AS.svg (16) Thun Nord
AB-Tunnel.svg Allmend (960 m)
AB-AS.svg (17) Thun Süd
AB-Vzw.svg (18)   Fork Lattigen A8

Autobahnzweig A6b

AB-Vzw.svg (1) Fork Lattigen A8
AB-AS.svg (2) Wimmis
Motorway end

Autostrasse A6b
AB-Tunnel.svg Simmeflue Tunnel
AB-AS.svg    (3)    Wimmis Port
Autostrasse A6b

Hauptstrasse 11

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