A14 motorway (Switzerland)

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Route of the A14
A14 Swiss Highway-de.svg
Basic data
  Total Length: ~20 km (12 mi)

AB-Vzw.svg (1) Junction Rotsee A2
AB-AS.svg (2) Emmen Süd
AB-Tunnel.svg Rathausen (300 m)
Zeichen 123 - Baustelle, StVO 1992.svg AB-AS.svg (3) Buchrain - planned
AB-Fluss.svg Reuss
AB-AS.svg (4) Gisikon
AB-Brücke.svg Reussbrücke
AB-Fluss.svg Reuss
AB-Vzw.svg (5) Junction Rütihof / Rotkreuz A4


The A14 motorway, an Autobahn in central Switzerland, is a divided highway connecting the A2 with the A4,[1] within the Canton of Lucerne.

The A14 is congruent with the National Road N14 and part of the main traffic artery between the Innerschweitz and the metropolitan area Zurich. It runs mostly along the Reuss (river), which it twice crosses. The second bridge on the Reuss is the second highest bridge in the Canton of Zug.


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Coordinates: 47°07′02″N 8°21′37″E / 47.117343°N 8.360392°E / 47.117343; 8.360392