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ABC Highway
Major junctions
From: Grantley Adams International Airport in Christ Church
To: Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies, in Saint Michael
Highway system
Barbados Highways
ABC Highway with two mini buses close to the Sir Garfield Sobers roundabout.

The ABC Highway is the main urban highway in Barbados. Opened in 1989, it is named after three famous Barbadian politicians: John Michael Geoffrey Manningham ("Tom") Adams, Errol Barrow, and Hugh Gordon Cummins. From the east, the highway stretches from the Grantley Adams International Airport in Christ Church, to the western end at Cave Hill Road and University Drive, Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies, in Saint Michael. It roughly encircles the Parish of Saint Michael and wider metropolitan area of Bridgetown.

The highway consist of both two-lane and dual carriageway sections with at-grade intersections, mostly roundabouts. A 2006–2007 expansion project enlarged some sections and there was some public sentiment voiced in local media about the project's lack of a competitive tender process or studies to justify costs.


Parish Location km mi Destinations Notes
Christ Church Seawell 0.0 0.0 Highway 7 (Tom Adams Roundabout) 13°4′49″N 59°29′28″W / 13.08028°N 59.49111°W / 13.08028; -59.49111 (Tom Adams Roundabout)
Newton Terrace 4.4 2.7 Highway T (Henry Forde Roundabout) 13°4′49″N 59°31′50″W / 13.08028°N 59.53056°W / 13.08028; -59.53056 (Henry Forde Roundabout)
Kendal Hill 7.5 4.7 Kendal Hill Road (Edwy Talma Roundabout) 13°4′42″N 59°33′28″W / 13.07833°N 59.55778°W / 13.07833; -59.55778 (Edwy Talma Roundabout)
Graeme Hall 8.7 5.4 Graeme Hall Road (Errol Barrow Roundabout) 13°4′38″N 59°34′6″W / 13.07722°N 59.56833°W / 13.07722; -59.56833 (Errol Barrow Roundabout)
Saint Michael Wildey 10.3 6.4 Highway 6 (Sir Garfield Sobers Roundabout) 13°5′13″N 59°34′37″W / 13.08694°N 59.57694°W / 13.08694; -59.57694 (Sir Garfield Sobers Roundabout)
Highway 6 / Highway R (Wildey Triangle[1]) No access to Highway R from westbound lanes, 13°5′26″N 59°34′50″W / 13.09056°N 59.58056°W / 13.09056; -59.58056 (Wildey Triangle)
12.0 7.5 Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic Roundabout 13°5′43″N 59°34′48″W / 13.09528°N 59.58000°W / 13.09528; -59.58000 (SJPP Roundabout)
Haggett Hall 13.1 8.1 Highway 5 (J.T.C. Ramsey Roundabout) 13°6′18″N 59°34′48″W / 13.10500°N 59.58000°W / 13.10500; -59.58000 (Bussa Roundabout)
Rouen Highway 4 (Norman A. Niles Roundabout) 13°6′49″N 59°35′0″W / 13.11361°N 59.58333°W / 13.11361; -59.58333 (Norman Niles Roundabout)
Friendship/Belle Highway 3 (Clyde Walcott Roundabout) 13°7′36″N 59°35′43″W / 13.12667°N 59.59528°W / 13.12667; -59.59528 (Clyde Walcott Roundabout)
Warrens Highway 2 (Everton Weekes Roundabout) 13°8′30″N 59°36′23″W / 13.14167°N 59.60639°W / 13.14167; -59.60639 (Everton Weekes Roundabout)
Ronald Mapp Highway (D'Arcy Scott Roundabout) 13°8′34″N 59°36′36″W / 13.14278°N 59.61000°W / 13.14278; -59.61000 (D'Arcy Scott Roundabout)
Cave Hill, Saint Michael University Drive, Cave Hill Road Road continues as University Drive to the Frank Worrel Roundabout.
13°7′54″N 59°38′0″W / 13.13167°N 59.63333°W / 13.13167; -59.63333 (west terminus)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Route to port[edit]

University Drive, westbound with port in distance.

The ABC Highway provides relative ease of access to the Deep Water Harbour in Bridgetown. At the official western terminus, the road becomes University Drive (at Cave Hill). The road proceeds to the Frank Worrel roundabout where it has a junction with Highway 1 and Spring Garden Highway. From the Frank Worrel roundabout, direct access to the harbour is available via the Spring Garden Highway. At the end of Spring Garden Highway, direct access to the port is accessed by turning right onto President Kennedy Drive.

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