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ABP Induction Systems GmbH
Founded 2005
Headquarters Dortmund, NRW, Germany [1]
Key people
Managing Directors:
Till Schreiter, Bernd Bartelheimer, Paul Decker
Website www.abpinduction.com

ABP Induction Systems is a global industrial firm that develops and integrates induction-related equipment and services for foundries, forges, tube and pipe producers, general manufacturers using heating equipment and manufacturers of micro electronics. With foundry headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, induction heating headquarters in Brookfield, WI USA, and operations in China, Sweden, Thailand, Russia, Mexico, India, Japan and Brazil, ABP operates worldwide.


In 1903, the predecessor of ABP, ASEA (Allmanna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget) in Sweden built the first induction channel furnace for foundry operations. Basing on the principle that the energy required for the melting process is induced directly into the charge by electromagnetic coils, ASEA managed to create a new technology that is fundamentally more efficient and precise.

In order to expend the know-how of the company and to consolidate its market position, ASEA decided to merge in 1988 with Brown Boveri from Switzerland and to form ABB (Asea Brown Boveri). The new firm added sophisticated control, automation and information technology to the products, and supplemented them with consulting, planning, start-up and training services. Today their components and systems are used in nearly every foundry throughout the world.

In 2005, with the backing of a group of experienced foundry industry investors, the Foundry Systems group was acquired from ABB and ABP Induction, LLC was born.[2]

In 2008 ABP Induction and the Pillar Induction Company combined their operations into ABP Induction.[3]

In January 2011, Ajax Tocco Magnethermic acquired the assets and intellectual property formerly known as Pillar from ABP Induction. The sale includes the Brookfield, WI and Sterling Heights, MI operations. ABP’s induction melting operations in North Brunswick, NJ, and Massillon, OH are unaffected, as are its international operations including ABP Induction Systems Shanghai, previously Pillar Shanghai.[4]


ABP Induction Systems has locations in 11 countries:[5]

  • United States ABP Induction LLC (Foundry Division), North Brunswick, NJ,
  • Germany ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Dortmund,
  • Brazil ABP Induction Sistemas De Fundição, Ltda., Atibaia, São Paulo,
  • China ABP Induction Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., No.118, Shanghai,
  • India ABP Induction Systems Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara,
  • Mexico ABP Induction Systems, S. de R.L. de C.V., Santa Catarina, N.L.
  • Russia ABP Induction Systems GmbH, Moscow,
  • Sweden ABP Induction AB, Norberg,
  • Thailand ABP Induction Ltd., Pathumthanee
  • Poland Biuro Techniczno Handlowe, Katowice, and
  • Japan ABP Induction Systems K.K., Kobe


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