AC Petite

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AC Petite
AC Petite Mk II.jpg
1956 AC Petite Mark II
Manufacturer AC Cars Ltd
Production 1953-58
Assembly Thames Ditton, Surrey
Body and chassis
Class microcar
Body style 2-door 3-wheel saloon
Layout RR layout
Engine 350 cc (21 cu in), 1-cylinder, two-stroke

The AC Petite was a three-wheeled British microcar with a rear-mounted 350 cc Villiers single cylinder, two-stroke engine.[1] The cars had a single bench seat seating two adults and was said to be capable of 60 mpg‑imp (4.7 L/100 km; 50 mpg‑US) to 70 mpg‑imp (4.0 L/100 km; 58 mpg‑US) and 40 mph (64 km/h).[2]

There were two versions of the car. Between 1953 and 1955 the car was fitted with a Villiers 27B engine and two different sizes of wheel, the rears were 18-inch (460 mm) spoked wheels whilst the front was only 8 inches (200 mm).[1] In 1955 a Mark II version was launched, incorporating minor changes to the exterior trim, a slightly more powerful Villiers 28B engine and 12-inch (300 mm) wheels both front and rear.[1]

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