AKIpress news agency

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Formation 2000
Type News agency
Legal status active
Purpose provide news and analytical materials
Headquarters Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Parent organization
AKI Kyrgyzstan
Website www.akipress.org

AKIpress news agency is the first independent news agency in the Kyrgyz Republic. It is based in Bishkek, the capital city of the Kyrgyz Republic. The online news website is in Russian, Kyrgyz and English.


The domain,[1] was registered on 19 June 2000. The site of the first ever independent news agency AKIpress began functioning after a testing period. The first independent press conference center at AKIpress news agency opened in 2002.

AKIpress news agency marked its 10th anniversary in 2010[2]


Over years, the news agency has developed 25 products in total, from news and analytical products to who is who among statesmen and companies, video portal, entertainment and classifieds. In 2007, AKIpress launched the Central Asian News Agency.[3] The Kyrgyz language site Barakelde[4] was launched recently.


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