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The Archives, Libraries, Museums and Special Collections (ALMS) Conference is an international event focussed on the work by public, private, academic, and grassroots organisations which are collecting, capture and preserving archives of LGBTQ+ experiences, to ensure their histories continue to be documented and share

The first GLBT ALMS Conference was held in Minnesota in 2006, co-hosted by the Tretter Collection and the Quatrefoil Library. The last conference took place in London in 2016, and focused on exploring margins, borders, barriers and intersections of LGBTQ+ historical research and collecting[1].


The first GLBT ALMS Conference was held in May 18–21, 2006, and presented by the Quatrefoil Library,[2][3] the University of Minnesota Libraries and the Tretter Collection in GLBT Studies.[4]

The mission of the conference:

"GLBT ALMS 2006 is the first formal world conference for professional and anyone involved with GLBT archives, libraries, museums and special collections, and collectors of LGBT materials. Led by experts from the field, the conference will explore a range of current professional topics, including:

  • Censorship and sexually-explicit material
  • Integrating GLBT collections into the classroom
  • Preservation issues
  • Working with the media and more..." [2]

Keynote speakers included Barbara Gittings[2] and Frank Kameny.[5]

Past Conferences[edit]

2006 GLBT ALMS Conference

2008 GLBT ALMS Conference

2011 LGBT ALMS Conference

2012 LGBTI ALMS Conference: "The Future of LGBTI Histories"

2016 LGBTQ+ ALMS Conference: "Without Borders"

2019 LGBTQ+ ALMS Conference: "Queering memory"

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