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UYQ-70 (C&D)
Various UYQ-70 terminals

AN/UYQ-70, (Q-70) is the specification for a family of United States Navy display workstations.

Starting in 1991,it replaced the AN/UYK-43.[1]


The Q-70 supports the Intel x86, PowerPC, SPARC, and HP PA-RISC processing families as well as commercial operating systems including Solaris, Windows NT, HP-UX and VxWorks.

The family architecture is based on a single-board 6U VME RISC processor, currently the 165 MHz Hewlett Packard HP744, which has up to 512 Mbytes (1 GB in two slot units) of dual-ported, error-correcting RAM with HP-UX for non real-time operations, or HP-RT operating systems for real-time operations. There are two graphics engine options available, Esterline offers 30 million vectors/s up to 2,048 × 2,048 resolution with 12 underlay and 12 overlay planes, while the HP Graphics option provides 31 million pixels/s up to 1,280 × 1,024 resolution and eight underlay and eight overlay planes. The video frame grabber has a 30 Hz frame rate with up to two windows managed by the X Window System using the Motif GUI.

Originally the ADS used CMS-2 language software later supplemented by, or replaced with, C and Ada.


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