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Coordinates: 47°53′56″N 106°54′09″E / 47.898856°N 106.902548°E / 47.898856; 106.902548

Traded as MSE: APU
Industry Beverages
Area served
Website apu.mn

APU (Mongolian: АПУ: Архи, Пиво, Ундаа), or translated as "Vodka, Beer, Soft drinks", is Mongolia's oldest company and the country’s largest brewer and beverage producer.[1][2][3]


Established April the 15th 1924 as a state monopoly later being partially privatised in 1992 with 51% of shares being retained by the state. In 2001 the state owned shares were sold through the Mongolian Stock Exchange and APU became fully publicly owned.[4] APU owns a chain of restaurants called Ikh Mongol, which serves beer, food and live music.[5]


APU Joint-stock company is the brand manufacturer and under it run three subsidiaries within the Mongolian zone unit of the APU company: APU Trading LLC which is the exclusive distributor of products, Depod LLC the bottle recycling arm and Nature Agro LLC the spirits division.

Production operations[edit]

All production facilities for the company are located in the capital city of Ulan Bator:

  • A Brewery (modernised 2003)
  • A spirits distillery run by the Nature Agro LLC division (opened 2008)
  • A vodka plant (modernised 2004)
  • A water and soft drinks plant (modernised 2004)
  • A milk, fruit juice and Tetra Pak packaging plant (opened 2006)


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