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Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia
PurposeTo unify Academic, Scientific, Research, Educational, Cultural and other organizations in Armenia, promote and participate in the development of a high-quality information and telecommunications infrastructure for the benefit of scientific research and education.
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The Academic Scientific Research Computer Network of Armenia (ASNET-AM) is the national research and education network (NREN) of Armenia. ASNET-AM was created in 1994. The structure and policy of ASNET-AM operation was developed and realized by the Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems ([[1] IIAP ]) of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia ([2] NAS RA). ASNET-AM network structure and services have been implemented due to the financial support from the Government of RA (Armenian State Committee of Science), NAS RA, the Gulbenkian Foundation, the Armenian General Benevolent Union, the "Hayastan" All-Armenian Fund and many other international projects.


Main trends of ASNET-AM activity include:

  • Scientific Research
  • Database development and processing in various fields of science, technology, art
  • Participation and support of scientific, educational, technical, cultural and other programs and projects
  • IT Training and Education

Starting from 1997 biennial International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technologies (CSIT, ) is organized with the support of ASNET-AM.


Being a long-time Armenian academic network operator ASNET-AM participates in all related major international projects. The most important international relationships of the ASNET-AM are:

Network Services[edit]

ASNET-AM services include:

  • Permanent (wired & wireless) multiprotocol connectivity
  • IPv4 & IPv6 (dual-stack) routing
  • Managed and guarantied bandwidth (QoS)
  • Network access via Proxy server
  • Access to ArmCluster & ArmGrid
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • E-Mail services (SMTP, POP, IMAP), Webmail, Mailing Lists
  • Internet accessible Information and Database Systems
  • Secure Data Transmission (VPN,VTUN,EoIP,IP-IP,VLAN,IPVLAN)
  • Tele-education and Tele-conferencing, Virtual Desktop
  • Dial-in
  • Mail Informer service & WebSMS service
  • Network monitoring (Nfsen, Nagios, Cacti, Weathermap, Ntop, Dude)
  • Web Hosting (HTTP,HTTPS)
  • Server/Router installation and maintenance
  • Archive Backup
  • Antivirus, Antispam, Antispyware support
  • User Support & Consulting
  • IT Training & Education
  • Media streaming (Video/Audion Webcast)
  • Mobile broadband 3G access
  • service


ASNET-AM develops and provides advanced network services to the Academic, Research and Education communities of Armenia. The network interconnects about 60 scientific, research, educational, cultural and other organisations in 5 cities of Armenia, such as Yerevan, Ashtarak, Byurakan, Abovian, Gyumri, integrating them with the Pan-European Research and Education Network, GEANT [1]. ASNET-AM network in Yerevan consists of dark fiber infrastructure with current link bandwidth from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s. International direct connection (45 Mbit/s) to GEANT for ASNET-AM was provided thanks to EU FP7 BSI and HP-SEE projects.


ASNET-AM supported the creation of first and most powerful supercomputer center in the field of science and education in Armenia - ArmCluster [2] established in 2004. Currently ASNET-AM serves as the foundation for advanced computing applications in Armenia and provides its infrastructure for ArmGrid [[5]] backbone network. ASNET-AM participates in the HP-SEE [3], High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for South East Europe’s Research Communities EU project that will link existing and upcoming HPC facilities in South East Europe in a common infrastructure, and it will provide operational solutions for it.

International activities[edit]

ASNET-AM participates actively in international projects funded by the Government of Armenia [4], European Union, International Science and Technology Center and other sources, including Porta Optica [5], BSI [6], HP-SEE [7], Armcluster [8] and others for the advance of networking technologies in Armenia.

ASNET-AM participates in Terena Compendium.[6]

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