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A national research and education network (NREN) is a specialised internet service provider dedicated to supporting the needs of the research and education communities within a country.

It is usually distinguished by support for a high-speed backbone network, often offering dedicated channels for individual research projects.

In recent years NRENs have developed many 'above the net' services.

List of NRENs by geographic area[edit]

East and Southern Africa[edit]

North Africa[edit]

West and Central Africa[edit]

Asia Pacific[edit]

North America[edit]

  • United States – although advocated since the 1980s,[1] the U.S. does not have one single NREN.
Name Type
Internet2 national
National LambdaRail national [closed]
vBNS national [closed]
Edge state (New Jersey)
ESnet national
NEREN regional (New England)
CENIC state (California)
CEN state (Connecticut)
Illinois Century Network state (Illinois)
KanREN state (Kansas)
LEARN state (Texas) [2]
Merit Network state (Michigan)
NERO state (Oregon)
NCREN state (North Carolina)
NYSERNet state (New York)
OARnet state (Ohio)
OSHEAN state (Rhode Island)
PennREN state (Pennsylvania)
THEnet state (Texas) [3]
UEN state (Utah)
WVNET state (West Virginia)
  • Canada
Name Type
CANARIE national
ACORN-NL provincial (Newfoundland and Labrador)
ACORN-NS provincial (Nova Scotia)
BCNET provincial (British Columbia)
Cybera provincial (Alberta)
GTAnet provincial (Ontario)
ECN provincial (New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island)
MRnet provincial (Manitoba) [4]
ORION provincial (Ontario)
RISQ provincial (Quebec)
SRNet provincial (Saskatchewan)

Latin America[edit]

High-speed Fibre Optic Data Link to ALMA and REUNA.[5]


  • C@ribNET - Caribbean NREN
  • TTRENT - Trinidad and Tobago NREN
  • JREN - Jamaica NREN
  • RADEI - NREN of the Dominican Republic


Nordic countries[edit]

Middle East[edit]

Central Asia[edit]

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