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ASSIK (Arbeitsstab Schutzaufgaben in Krisengebieten; meaning for Special Task Force Protection In Crisis Areas) is a specialized unit of the German Federal Police tasked with providing personal security for German diplomatic missions in conflict regions.


The protection of German diplomatic missions is one of the tasks of the German Federal Police. In conflict, the protection was carried out by the GSG9 with support of the Federal Criminal Police Office. In 2008, the Federal Ministry of the Interior tasked the Federal Police with reorganizing this form of protection in order to reduce the workload of the GSG9.

Selection and Training[edit]

Any officer of the Federal German Police with at least 8 years of service may apply for the selection process. The selection process is followed by 10 weeks of specialized training which includes:

  • Defensive driving
  • Marksmanship
  • Personal security detail
  • Combat casualty care



Due to the positive responses of the newly established ASSIK, the Federal Police decided to continue the unit as section 44 (Referat 44) permanently.

  • In January 2009 ASSIK is tasked with the protection of the embassy personnel in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Since January 2010 ASSIK took over the protection of the embassy personnel in Bagdad, Iraq.


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