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ATI Enterprises, also known as ATI Schools and Colleges[1] and ATI Training Center [2] was a group of career training schools operating in the southern and western United States. The company imploded in 2013 under a burden of multiple lawsuits and legal claims. [3]

They offer programs in health care, information technology, and the skilled trades.[4] They have instructional facilities in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma. New Mexico, and Arizona.[5] Some of the Texas programs are operated under the name of "South Texas Vocational Technical Institute", and some of the Arizona programs under the name of "Arizona Automotive Institute" [5]/. The combined schools had 7300 students and 17 campuses in March 2012.[6] The schools in the chain are accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, and various Texas and Florida agencies [6]

As of 2011, Michael Gries became the Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Carli Strength [6]

In August 2011, following complaints of inflated job-placement rates, the Texas Workforce Commission revoked certificates of approval for 22 of the chain's programs, and put all the Texas campuses on probation.[6][7] On August 30, 2011, the US Department of Justice filed a complaint against the chain for false claims for student loans, based on their enrollment of ineligible students and false statements to students about future employability.[8][9]

The company closed in 2013 due to legal issues.[10]


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