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VenueConway Hall

AUKcon was a one-day anime convention held in London, England, on 19 February 1994.[1] The venue was the Conway Hall (Red Lion Square), and the registration charge was £10.[1] AUKCon was chaired by Helen McCarthy.[2] During the convention, Lawrence Guinness of Manga Video announced that the company had acquired distribution rights for Ranma 1/2 and planned to start releasing it in 1994. Also announced included plans for the series Bio Booster Armor Guyver.[3] One of the guests that attended was Toren Smith, writer of the American Dirty Pair comic and founder of Studio Proteus.[3] The convention was the first UK anime event to provide a fan room with free space for fanzines and fanclubs. It also ran a gaming programme and an art and model show, as well as anime screenings and talks.[3]


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