A Briefer History of Time (Hawking and Mlodinow book)

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A Briefer History of Time
First edition
AuthorsStephen Hawking,
Leonard Mlodinow
CountryUnited States
SubjectThe Universe
Published2005 (Bantam Books)
Pages176 (paperback)[1]

A Briefer History of Time is a 2006 popular-science book by the English physicist Stephen Hawking and the American physicist Leonard Mlodinow.


The book is an update and rewrite of Hawking's 1988 A Brief History of Time. In this book Hawking and Mlodinow present quantum mechanics, string theory, the big bang theory, and other topics in a more accessible fashion to the general public. The book is updated with newly discovered topics, and informs of recurring subjects throughout the book in greater detail.


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