A Causa das Coisas

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The Cause of the Things
Author Miguel Esteves Cardoso
Original title A Causa das Coisas
Language Portuguese
Publication date
ISBN 972-37-0274-6

A Causa das Coisas (ISBN 972-37-0274-6) is a Portuguese book written by Miguel Esteves Cardoso, published in 1986. The book is a selection of chronicles that he published when he was a collaborator on the weekly paper Expresso. The book is divided in two parts: the causes (Causas) and the things (Coisas).

Causas (Causes)[edit]

There are almost one hundred chapters that correspond to each one of the chronicles. They are treated alphabetically and the themes vary, from abstract concepts like love to a simple umbrella.

Coisas (Things)[edit]

The second part comprises some comments about the illustrations of the unbelievable objects, old national symbols like mineral water Água Castello, the tobacco Português Suave, the animal soap Gá-Ti-Cão, and many other stuff.