A Couple of Down and Outs

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A Couple of Down and Outs
Directed by Walter Summers
Produced by G.B. Samuelson
Written by Walter Summers
Starring Edna Best
Rex Davis
George Foley
Napoleon Films
Distributed by Napoleon Films
Release date
November 1923
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent
English intertitles

A Couple of Down and Outs is a 1923 British silent drama film directed by Walter Summers and starring Edna Best, Rex Davis and George Foley.


It was made at Isleworth Studios.[1] The film sought to raise public sympathy for veterans of the First World War struggling in the years of peace as well as animals who had undergone war service. Summers, who had himself served during the conflict, made a number of films using the war as backdrop.


Danny Creath, an unemployed war veteran, is passing through the docks when sees his old horse 'Jack' being maltreated before it is shipped to Belgium to be turned into horsemeat. They had previously served together in the Royal Horse Artillery, both being wounded in action, and Creath decides to rescue him with the assistance of crowd of passers-by. Pursued by the police he takes shelter in a house where a young woman, reminded of her own brother who was killed during the war, helps him to escape.



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