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Dr. A. H. Salunkhe in April 2012

A. H. Salunkhe is a Sanskrit scholar, theologian, Marathi author, and social activist from Maharashtra, India. He is closely related to the Shivdharma movement. He is the president of Maharashtra State Cultural Policy Draft Committee.


Born in a small farmer family at Khadewadi in Sangli district, he completed his graduation from Shivaji Vidyapeeth with first class first in Sanskrit. He also secured first rank in MA Sanskrit & Marathi and then earned a Ph.D. in Sanskrit. He worked as a Head of Department in a college in Satara. He was one of the National scholarship holders. He was art faculty dean at the Shivaji University, Kolhapur. There he was member of the academic council. He is also awarded as Rashtrabhasha Pandit.


Salunkhe was awarded the Bhai Madhavrao Bagal award in 2007.[1]


  • गुलामांचा आणि गुलाम करणारांचा धर्म एक नसतो
  • सर्वोत्तम भूमीपुत्र : गोतम बुद्ध
  • बळीवंश
  • विद्रोही तुकाराम
  • तुळशीचे लग्न- एक समीक्षा
  • विद्रोही तुकाराम- समीक्षेची समीक्षा
  • तुझ्यासह, तुझ्याविना
  • चांदण्यात भिजायचं राहून जाऊ नये म्हणून
  • चिंतन
  • आता आमच्या धडावर आमचेच डोके असेल
  • आस्तिकशिरोमणी चार्वाक
  • Vadanchi Vadale


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