A Hobo's Christmas

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A Hobo's Christmas
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Written byJoe Byrne
Jeb Rosebrook
Directed byWill Mackenzie
StarringBarnard Hughes
Gerald McRaney
Wendy Crewson
William Hickey
Harley Cross
Helen Stenborg
Theme music composerMark Snow
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Executive producer(s)Joe Byrne
Producer(s)Paul Freeman
Production location(s)Salt Lake City
CinematographyStephen W. Gray
Editor(s)Corky Ehlers
Running time94 min.
Production company(s)Joe Byrne/Falrose Productions
Phoenix Entertainment Group
Hearst Entertainment
Original networkCBS
Original releaseDecember 6, 1987

A Hobo's Christmas is a 1987 American made-for-television drama film directed by Will Mackenzie and produced by Joe Byrne and Paul Freeman. The screenplay was written by Joe Byrne and Jeb Rosebrook. The film stars Barnard Hughes, Gerald McRaney, Wendy Crewson, William Hickey, Harley Cross, Helen Stenborg, Lee Weaver, and Jamie Sorrentini.


After abandoning his family in Salt Lake City 25 years prior, Chance (a hobo) decides it's time to go home.

Drifting from place to place, Chance finds himself in his hometown of at Christmas time. However, his son (still resenting the fact that Chance ran out on his family 25 years earlier), gives Chance only one day with his grandkids; after that, he's expected to leave and never come back. Meanwhile, Chance's friends warn him that his son and the past are memories that are best left alone, and should leave, but he has to find out for himself.



Parts of the film were shot in Salt Lake City, Utah.[1]


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