A Match and Some Gasoline

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A Match and Some Gasoline
The Suicide Machines - A Match and Some Gasoline cover.jpg
Studio album by The Suicide Machines
Released June 17, 2003
Recorded March 2003 at The Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado
Genre Punk rock, Ska punk, Hardcore punk
Length 31:40
Label SideOneDummy
Producer The Suicide Machines, Bill Stevenson, Jason Livermore
The Suicide Machines chronology
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A Match and Some Gasoline
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A Match and Some Gasoline is the fifth album by the Detroit, Michigan punk rock band The Suicide Machines, released in 2003 by Side One Dummy Records. It was the band's first album for the Side One Dummy label, after their departure from Hollywood Records the previous year. It was also their first album to include bassist Rich Tschirhart, replacing longtime member Royce Nunley who had left the group in 2002. The album's musical direction returned the band to the ska punk and hardcore styles of their first two albums, almost completely abandoning the pop punk style they had incorporated into their previous two releases.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Jason Navarro; all music composed by The Suicide Machines.

No. Title Length
1. "Burning in the Aftermath" 1:36
2. "Did You Ever Get a Feeling of Dread?" 1:40
3. "Keep it a Crime" 1:04
4. "High Anxiety" 2:01
5. "Your Silence" 2:51
6. "The Change" 1:38
7. "Invisible Government" 0:52
8. "One More Time" 2:04
9. "Beat My Head Against the Wall" 1:18
10. "Seized Up" 3:38
11. "Split the Time" 1:58
12. "Kaleidoscope" 2:05
13. "Politics of Humanity / The Floating World" 8:55
Total length: 31:40