A Monument to the Death of an Idea

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A Monument to the Death of an Idea
EP by
ReleasedAugust 2006
RecordedJune 2006
StudioThe Old Blacksmiths Studios, Portsmouth
GenreProgressive rock
LabelAnomalousz Music
ProducerRich Tamblyn and Enochian Theory
Enochian Theory chronology
Our Lengthening Shadows
A Monument to the Death of an Idea
Evolution: Creatio Ex Nihilio
Professional ratings
Review scores
Powerplay8/10 stars.[1]
Classic Rock6/10 stars.[2]
Zero Tolerance Magazine3.5/5 stars.[3]
Big Cheese3/5 stars.[4]
Rock Hard6/10 stars.[5]
Eurobands.us8/10 starslink
Rockmidgets.com4/5 starslink
Roomthirteen.com10/13 starslink
Sputnikmusic3.5/5 starslink
The-Mag.me.uk3.5/5 starslink
Iwillbeheard.co.uk6/10 starslink
Ox-fanzine.de7/10 starslink

A Monument to the Death of an Idea is an EP by the band Enochian Theory.


In June 2006, Enochian Theory entered The Old Blacksmiths studios in Portsmouth with Emmy nominated producer and engineer Rich Tamblyn and began to record the tracks for their second record, entitled A Monument to the Death of an Idea.

The band had written several new songs since the release of the Our Lengthening Shadows E.P and had chosen to completely rework two of the songs from that E.P for inclusion on the new recording.

After lengthy rehearsal and last minute musical changes the E.P's five tracks were recorded, mixed and co-produced by the band in four days.[6]

Work then began on artwork for the CD with the concept and realisation being done completely by the band themselves. This was finalised in August with the E.P now ready for release.

Initially available only through the band's website and shows, the band would form their own record label to support the release and signed with CODE 7/Plastic Head Distribution to ensure worldwide distribution for the CD.

Press coverage followed with the CD being well received by music publications. Rock and metal magazine Powerplay, dubbed it "Excellent stuff" and "A little bit of musical magic". Classic Rock Magazine were equally impressed saying "If you like your prog full of planet splitting drama...Enochian Theory are the band for you".

In April 2007 the band signed a distribution deal with Plastic Head Media Distribution for the download single release of "Namyamka".

It was released to rock and internet radio stations and was accompanied by a professionally shot promotional video for the song, which was made available for request on rock channels Kerrang! TV, Scuzz and Rockworld TV.

Reviews of the single were in the same vein as those of the E.P, with such comments as "Enochian Theory perform soaring, atmospheric, progressive, modern rock of the quality that seems to have been missing from the UK scene for many years" from Rock3Music.com and "Enochian Theory are about to explode and there's nothing we can do about it" from Black Velvet.[7]

The combination of the two releases lead to the band's first successful U.K tour, which had been booked for them by The S-a-N Agency.

Track listing[edit]

  1. “A Countermeasure In Hindsight” (Written by Enochian Theory, Lyrics by Harris-Hayes) – 8:41
  2. “For Those With Conscience” (Written by Enochian Theory, Lyrics by Harris-Hayes) – 5:35
  3. “Traversing The Edge Of Dawn” (Written by Enochian Theory, Lyrics by Harris-Hayes) – 7:12
  4. “Our Lengthening Shadows” (Written by Enochian Theory, Lyrics by Harris-Hayes) – 6:36
  5. “Namyamka” (Written by Enochian Theory, Lyrics by Harris-Hayes) – 5:08


  • Ben Harris Hayes – Vocals and Keyboards
  • Shaun Rayment – Bass guitar
  • Sam Street – Drums and percussion
  • Scott Ware – Guitar


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