A New Wave

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A New Wave
Directed by Jason Carvey
Produced by Jason Carvey
Kambui Olujimi
Bruce Seymour
Written by Jason Carvey
Starring Andrew Keegan
Lacey Chabert
John Krasinski
Dean Edwards
William Sadler
Caprice Benedetti
Wass Stevens
Thomas Edward Seymour
Russ Russo
Cinematography Kambui Olujimi
Edited by Christopher W. Doyle
Distributed by THINKFilm
Release date
  • April 7, 2006 (2006-04-07) (Rome Independent Film Festival)
Running time
94 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A New Wave is a 2006 independently produced comedy film written and directed by Jason Carvey.


A would-be artist (Andrew Keegan) is working in a dead end job as a bank teller. At the urging of his movie-obsessed slacker roommate (John Krasinski), he agrees to be the inside man for a bank heist. While the heist plans are coordinated, the artist’s girlfriend (Lacey Chabert) arranges for him to have his first gallery exhibition. But when he tries to stop the heist, the plan is too far into motion to be halted.


Actor Role
Andrew Keegan Desmond
Lacey Chabert Julie
John Krasinski Gideon
Dean Edwards Rupert
William Sadler Mr. DeWitt
Caprice Benedetti Mrs. DeWitt
Wass Stevens Francois
Thomas Edward Seymour Marv
Russ Russo Julio Cortez


The film was shot in various locations throughout Connecticut.


Reviews for the film were mixed, with Film Threat cheering it as "a deceptive sleeper"[1] while FilmCritic.com complained that it was "a post-modern pastiche of heist flick and comedy, the kind popularized by Reservoir Dogs and knocked off endlessly ever since it was released."[2]


The film was a direct-to-DVD release, distributed by ThinkFilm.[3]


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