Station for Two

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Station for Two
Station for Two.jpg
1983 English film poster by Aleksandr Makhov
Directed by Eldar Ryazanov
Written by Emil Braginsky
Eldar Ryazanov
Starring Lyudmila Gurchenko
Oleg Basilashvili
Nikita Mikhalkov
Nonna Mordyukova
Mikhail Kononov
Music by Andrei Petrov
Cinematography Vadim Alisov
Edited by Valeriya Belova
Distributed by Mosfilm
Release date
Running time
141 min.
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Station for Two (Russian: Вокзал для двоих, translit. Vokzal dlya dvoikh) is a 1982 Soviet romantic comedy directed by Eldar Ryazanov. The film became the Soviet box office leader of 1983 with a total of 35.8 million ticket sales. It was entered into the 1983 Cannes Film Festival.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

There are three main heroes in this movie: Vera, a waitress; Platon, a pianist; and... a train station where these two people met. The differences in the heroes’ characters and professions, the plight that Platon found himself in (he is to be arrested and undergo trial) trigger a host of both amusing and sad situations which serve as a backdrop for their unfolding love. Platon is innocent of the crime he is accused of. He simply took the blame for his wife’s driving over a pedestrian. But this is known only to Platon’s wife and Vera in whom he confided. However, after the verdict has been passed, Platon’s life is of no interest to his wife, although Vera is ready to wait for his release.



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