A Song for Tomorrow

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A Song for Tomorrow
A Song for Tomorrow (1948 film).jpg
Directed by Terence Fisher
Produced by Ralph Nunn-May
Screenplay by W.E.C. Fairchild
Story by W.E. Fairchild
Starring Ralph Michael
Evelyn Maccabe
Music by William Blezard
Cinematography Walter J. Harvey (as Walter Harvey)
Edited by Gordon Pilkington
Highbury Productions
Production Facilities
Distributed by General Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
  • 7 June 1948 (1948-06-07) (UK)
Running time
60 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

A Song for Tomorrow is a 1948 second feature drama film directed by Terence Fisher in his directorial debut. It stars Evelyn Maccabe and Ralph Michael.[1] A WW II fighter pilot suffers amnesia, and remembers only the voice of an opera singer, with whom he falls in love.[2]

It was made at Highbury Studios as a second feature.


Critical reception[edit]

TV Guide wrote, "A touch of amnesia on the audience's part would help them forget this insipid mess."[3]


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