A Taxing Woman's Return

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A Taxing Woman's Return
Directed by Juzo Itami
Produced by
Screenplay by Juzo Itami[1]
Music by Toshiyuki Honda[1]
Cinematography Yonezo Maeda[1]
Edited by Akira Katsura[1]
Itami Production[1]
Distributed by Toho
Release date
  • 15 January 1988 (1988-01-15) (Japan)
Running time
128 minutes[1]
Country Japan

A Taxing Woman's Return, (Japanese title マルサの女2, Marusa no onna 2) is a 1988 Japanese comedy film written and directed by Juzo Itami. It is the sequel to Itami's 1987 comedy A Taxing Woman. Nobuko Miyamoto plays female government tax investigator Ryoko Itakura. She investigates a religious sect, led by Teppei Onizawa (Rentarō Mikuni), that is suspected of being used for tax evasion. The sect is part of a complex conspiracy involving the Yakuza, political corruption and a prestigious construction project.


A Taxing Woman's Return was released in Japan on January 15, 1988 where it wad distributed by Toho.[1]


The film won a few Japanese awards. This included the Mainichi Film Concours Best Supporting Actor for Yasuo Daichi (also for Bakayaro! I'm Plenty Mad) and a Japanese Academy Awards for Best Editing (Akira Suzuki) who won the award for this film and Brake Out, Love Bites Back and The Silk Road.[1]



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