A Wealth of Fable

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A Wealth of Fable
Author Harry Warner, Jr.
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction fandom, history
Publisher Fanhistorica Press (first edition), SCIFI Press (second edition)
Publication date
1977, 1992
Media type Mimeographed, hardcover
Pages xiv+456 (second edition)
ISBN 0-9633099-0-0 (second edition)[1]
OCLC 30380163
Preceded by All Our Yesterdays by Harry Warner, Jr., 1969

A Wealth of Fable by Harry Warner, Jr., is a Hugo Award-winning history of science fiction fandom of the 1950s, an essential reference work in the field.[2] It is a followup to Warner's All Our Yesterdays (ISBN 1-886778-13-2), which covered the 1940s, and helped to earn Warner a Hugo Award in 1969.

According to science fiction fan and author Mike Resnick, "It's not even a sequel, but rather a continuation, of All Our Yesterdays, heavily illustrated, obviously written by the same hand, chock full of the anecdotes that almost instantly become fannish legend."[3]

It was originally published by Joe Siclari in a three-volume, mimeographed Fanhistorica Press edition in 1977. SCIFI Press brought out an expanded hardcover edition (ISBN 0-9633099-0-0) in 1992.[3] The members of the World Science Fiction Society voted that version the Hugo Award for Best Related Book.

Warner also wrote a related series of historical columns called "All Our Yesterdays."

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