Aamar Bhuvan

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Aamar Bhuvan
Aamar Bhuvan DVD cover
DVD cover of the film
Directed by Mrinal Sen
Written by Mrinal Sen, Afsar Ahmed
Starring Nandita Das
Kaushik Sen
Bibhas Chakraborty
Arun Mukherjee
Music by Debojyoti Mishra
Running time
1 hours 47 minutes
Country India
Language Bengali

Aamar Bhuvan is a 2002 Bengali film directed by Mrinal Sen. The film depicts a place of India where people live peacefully and love each other despite the hatred and violence that scars the rest of the nation.[1] For this film director Mrinal Sen won best director's award in Cairo Film Festival in 2002.[2]


After Sakhina and Nur's divorce, Sakhina has remarried Kaushik; a man who loves her but has difficulty providing for them and their three children. Nur went on to the Middle East and came back a rich man. He has remarried. Nur and Kaushik are cousins and Nur tries to help Kaushik (and Sakhina) by giving him work and lending him money. But when he returns Sakhina's prized nose-ring, which he had given her secretly during their marriage and not taken back during the divorce, and which Kaushik later pawned for some money, Sakhina is insulted and hurt.



Cairo International film festival[edit]

  • Best director: Mrinal Sen (won)
  • Best actress: Nandita Das (won)
  • Golden pyramid (nominated)[2]

In India[edit]


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