Aangila Padam

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Aangila Padam
Aangila padam.jpg
Produced byRJM Vasuki
Written byKumaresh Kumar
Sreeja Das
RJ Media Creations
Distributed byRJ Media Creations
Release date
24 November 2017
Running time
126 minutes

Aangila Padam (English: English Film) is a 2017 Indian Tamil horror comedy film directed by Kumaresh kumar, starring Sanjeev, Meenakshi and Ramki in lead roles.[1][2][3]

The film revolve around the character played by Ramki, a popular hero of late 80's and 90's.[1]


Sanjeev comes to Chennai to earn money for his sister's marriage.He stays with his uncle singamuthu.He comes across meenakshi, a thief and gradually falls for her.After seeing an advertisement for making quick buck by staying in house for one night,Sanjeev and Singamuthu go to Mosquito kumar.Mosquito Kumar takes them to P.Pandu and tells that they need to stay in house for one night so that P.Pandu can sell the house since people are not ready to buy his house fearing presence of ghost rumours planned by P.Pandu's rivals.They stay in the house one full night and encounter strange things.They then discover it is the handiwork of meenakshi who is paid by opposite party.Now comes the twist in movie,enter Ramki who is actually planning to rent the house to a marwadi family.Sanjeev,Meenakshi,Singamuthu and Mosquito kumar are cheated by Ramki.They then decide to kill Ramki by various techniques but with no success.Finally they plan to scare out the marwadi family.So they approach Singamuthu who is an fake shaman .Singamuthu promises to send ghosts to Seth house.What happens next forms the rest of the story.



Ramki escaped unhurt while shooting a dangerous car chase sequence when a car lost the control and almost hit him.[4] The film was initially titled as English Padam however it changed as Aangila Padam.[5]


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