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Aaron James Sorensen
Born June 6, 1966
Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Occupation Director, producer, screenwriter, musician and actor
Website http://www.aaronjames.com

Aaron James Sorensen (born June 6, 1966) is a Canadian musician, writer, producer, and film director living in Calgary, Alberta. He has written, produced and directed several films and a mini-series. He is the front man for the alt-country band Aaron James & the Cultivators.

Early life[edit]

Sorensen was born in Peace River, Alberta. He played guitar from a young age. Sorensen attended the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary, where he studied acting.[1]


Sorensen worked as a school teacher and economic-development officer at the Woodland Cree First Nation in Alberta.[2] He directed and wrote the script for the feature film Hank Williams First Nation, released in 2005.[3] He was also the producer and editor.[4]

The film premiered in competition at the American Film Institute's AFIfest in Los Angeles. Sorensen won "Best Director" honors at the 2005 American Indian Film Festival, and "Best Music in a Feature Film" at the 2005 Nashville Film Festival.[citation needed] Sorensen won the 2005 AMPIA award for Best Screenwriter.[citation needed]

In 2006, Hank Williams First Nation was adapted into a mini-series of the same name for Canadian broadcaster APTN. Sorensen wrote, directed and produced the series.[5]

In 2007, he released Cranberry Wind, an album of original Americana/roots songs.

Sorensen moved to Los Angeles, where he studied acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and then to Austin, Texas, where he wrote, directed, produced and edited the 2011 indie comedy film Campus Radio.[1] If follows the adventures of campus radio DJ and indie-rock band manager, Xavier P. Thortenberry, as he tried to find a new the lead singer for his band. The film received limited theatrical release in the US and Canada.[citation needed]

40 Below & Falling, a screenplay written by Sorensen was released to television in 2016. In 2017 Sorensen finished post–production on a film Get Naked![citation needed]


  • Cranberry Wind (2007), released under the name Aaron James.


  • Hank Williams First Nation (2005)
  • Campus Radio (2011)
  • 40 Below & Falling (2016)
  • Get Naked! (2017)


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